Flat Creek Farms RV Resort


Welcome to Flat Creek Farms RV Resort!

Flat Creek Farms RV Resort is a new RV destination park
in Central Texas! We are located along Flat Creek, South of Waco, Texas, mid-way between Dallas and Austin...just a quick 1.7-mile hop East off of I-35!

Click here for more information about how Flat Creek Farms RV Resort came to be!

If you are nostalgic for or want to experience being awakened by the rooster's crow, watching sheep and goats frolic about (or in our case some fainting goats), hearing pigs snort, and listening to the cow's moo, then Flat Creek Farms RV Resort will charm the boots right off of you!

If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can spend some time along Flat Creek banks or around one of the five stocked ponds and enjoy some quality catch-and-release time.

You may be content to just take a nature walk. The hardest thing about visiting Flat Creek Farms is driving out the beautiful front gated entry to leave your new friends!

Y'all Come & See Us!

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